Attire Accessories - Dec 2017/Jan 2018 (Issue 67)

ATTIRE 47 PROFILE early days yet. We’re hoping that it’ll be a huge support once it takes off, and help to balance out diminishing profits, which are a result of high prices in Nepal and the weak pound. WHAT HAVE BEEN THE KEY MILESTONES IN THE BUSINESS?   The build and development of this new website has been hugely demanding, and learning and understanding new forms of marketing such as social media to help promote the website has been a great test to my old-fashioned brain! A huge milestone for us. HOW DO YOU VIEW THE CURRENT MARKET AND WHAT TRENDS, BOTH IN PRODUCT AND IN BUSINESS, DO YOU SEE EMERGING OVER THE COMING MONTHS?   I feel that the market’s struggling a little right now because of our uncertain economy. People are becoming cleverer in the way that they dress – having a couple of classic outfits, which can be accessorised to glam up or dress down, and around which more than one colour palette can be created. And of course, Cocowai’s shawls can substitute a coat or jacket too, making them perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather patterns! WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR THE BUSINESS?   We want to continue to grow steadily and increase brand awareness. We’ve been a ‘best- kept secret’ for years! So, while we would love to increase sales, and promote our online side, I’m more than keen to maintain the wholesale side of the business, which for me is full of 25- year relationships with wonderful retailers. IN BRIEF Cocowai +44 (0)1202 701 888