Attire Accessories - Dec 2017/Jan 2018 (Issue 67)

ATTIRE 81 HOMI HOMI Fashion & Jewels was also enriched by a new edition of Project Room, an event organised with Artisanal Intelligence, which promoted contemporary creativity and Italy’s design excellence. Tuttepazzeperibijoux, a research lab on storytelling jewels, the area curated by Maria Elena Capelli, returned for another season. This initiative showcased a selection of jewellery companies with a strong history and tradition. It was again characterised as a diverse product platform, ranging from traditional gems to innovative concepts. Maestri del Gioiello, the event organised in collaboration with Eventi Doc by Myriam Vallegra, featured a rich schedule of round tables and talk shows, where visitors found out about original creations made by craftsmen and jewellers, talked about the latest fashion trends and shared interesting business tips. Brimming with both innovation and creativity, the ninth edition of Homi will take centre stage once again at the Fiera Milano fairground from 25 th - 28 th January, 2018. A to young creatives at every edition, Da Uno a Cento , the initiative dedicated to original or limited-edition pieces and HOMI ASIA Design , which hosted designers inspired by the styles and techniques of the world’s largest continent. HOMI Fashion & Jewels showcased the eclectic world of jewellery and fashion accessories with a diverse mixture of long-standing Italian and international brands, as well as young talents. It attracted great interest and constituted the main stage for the conventions and workshops that brought the event to life. Meanwhile, special initiatives and events dedicated to research and experimentation enriched the already wide offering. Well-established and emerging designers displayed their as-yet-unseen designs, while traditional brands demonstrated Italy’s craftsmanship. This year, HOMI hosted a new event – La Pelle della Moda – which celebrated one of the most precious, fascinating, and elegant materials among fashion accessories. With La Pelle della Moda, HOMI will showcase, jewellery, leather handbags, shoes, belts, and hats: Hundreds of leather items highlighted Italy’s creativity and manufacture, high craftsmanship and high-tech, international companies, and young designers, but most of all, the versatility and diversity of this extraordinary material. As leathercraft is an industry in which Italy stands out for its tradition, expertise, and know-how, this sector brought together fine craftsmanship and advanced technology. There was also the opportunity to see the fashion students fromMilan’s Polytechnic University create a new collection with leather production waste, demonstrating that innovation is possible without harming the environment. Another new section – HOMI Beauty Style – provided beauty and personal-care solutions. Here, visitors had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and offerings of the world of beauty: make-up, fragrances, nail varnishes, men’s and women’s beauty treatments, hair products, and accessories. HOMI Beauty Style also provided the opportunity to test the showcased products, through experiential journeys guided by experts and consultants.