Attire Accessories - Feb/Mar 2018 (Issue 68)

ATTIRE 117 RETAIL TECHNOLOGY There’s no doubt 2017 was a year of riveting and relevant retail marketing. During a period where shopping has altered significantly over the last decade, the retail climate has been experiencing an unprecedented shift in the way consumers are choosing to shop. With convenience at the forefront of shoppers’ minds, traditional brick and mortar stores have more pressure than ever to grow the customer’s experience and meet new demands of consumers. GROWING CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS The changes in retailing has meant modern shoppers demand more; gone are the days where shopping consisted of entering a brick and mortar store and choosing from the limited in-store products. Consumers today are met with a choice, variety and immediate availability from convenient e-commerce and click and collect. With what one can argue is now ‘too much choice’, the demand in in-store shopping has declined. Consumers want more, something original, a discovery like no other before, a place that offers an elusive space to make purchasing more about buying into an experience that a brand has to offer over ‘just another transaction’. BRICK AND MORTAR’S TAKE ON RETAILTAINMENT To stand out from the crowd retailers are embracing the omni-channel experience, creating pop-up stores and engaging in ‘retailtainment’ to combat the Instagram- worthy retailers that are leading the future in consumer purchasing. Opting for more of futuristic experience over old retailing methods, retailers are seeking to make their in-store experience more immersive, interactive and personalised. Constructing an unforgettable experience may just encourage online shoppers to step away from the comfort of their home and experience something new. The fusion of retail and entertainment is a concept that has captivated the retail industry. Retailtainment is fast becoming the marketing method of choice to entice customers back into brick and mortar stores. The idea has led to retailers moving away from what was once considered the norm by creating con-summer experiences that are out of the ordinary. Adding elements into traditional shopping experiences with sound, emotion, activity and ambience excites consumers to purchase products.This engagement encourages More and more shops are pulling out all the stops to get their tills ringing. Cybertill’s Ian Tomlinson tells us more about consumers growing expectations Retailtainment: a new in-store approach beckons