Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

14 ATTIRE On with the show CHECK OUT ALL THE IMPORTANT NEWS AND DATES FOR YOUR BUSINESS DIARY... Increase in ethical brands at Pure London highlights importance of sustainability within the industry The recent Pure London show, held at London Olympia, saw an influx of ethical brands coming to the fore, highlighting the importance sustainability holds within the fashion and accessorises industry. Francesca Muston, Head of Retail and Product Analysis from global trend company WGSN says, “We have seen a gradual increase over the last 18 months, but it feels credible and considered, which is right for the industry.” Muston went on to state that we, “Need to be aware, of where product comes from, how it is made, and what it’s made from.” Seemingly a trend of the show, sustainability was a key theme within the content programme of manufacturing and sourcing section Pure Origin. Trend Forecaster and Fashion Designer Geraldine Wharry discussed trend forecasting for sustainability during her talk, stating, “The future of fashion forecasting is incorporating sustainability into the supply chain.” Along with the need for eco-conscious brands, it was stressed that to stand out amongst an ever-challenging crowd, companies need to dig deep. Farrah Storr, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, said, “To stand out now, you need to be a lot bolder, a lot quicker and a lot smarter in your approach. “When things are difficult, creatives are best equipped to deal with challenges. When faced with obstacles, you have to dig deep.” Four trends were predicted by WGSN on the main stage for A/W 18/19 season, which were: Worldhood; exploring an increasingly globalised street culture,The Thinker; exploring an era of enlightenment, Humanature; discovering the urge to trust our instincts and Dark Wonder, which looks at the new technologies on fashion. Visit POSITIVE RESULTS ALL ROUND FOR THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION TRADE SHOW, DÜSSELDORF The recent International Fashion Trade Show, held in Düsseldorf, showed positive results all round, says show organisers. In comparison to the summer edition of Gallery in July 2017, the visitor numbers at the most recent edition in January remained stable with around 6,000 European professional buyers. The appeal of Gallery as an international fashion trade show has proven to be very positive and consistent in all the individual segments. Ulrike Kähler, Project Director of Gallery & Gallery SHOES and, since January 2018, the newly appointed Managing Director of trade fair organiser Igedo Company, says, “We are concluding the current edition of Gallery with positive results on all levels. The upscale segment in particular has risen noticeably on both a national and international level. “For distribution agencies, Gallery has become an unmissable date in the diary. And not only because our showroom concept guarantees a presence at the Areal Böhler of up to nine days on either side of the tradeshow dates. We are also delighted to see that more and more shoes and accessories brands are exhibiting at Gallery in addition to Gallery SHOES. “These are fast- paced developments, which after a total of 12 seasons saw a total of 800 international brands from around 25 countries showcased at Gallery.This will continue to be the course for Gallery and Düsseldorf as a trade fair location in the future. After all, we are retaining our importance as the Gallery order platform and tradeshow location of Düsseldorf despite the changes facing the industry, the generally strong market trend and an international/ national marketplace shift. And we will even continue to gain in importance!” The new Gallery SHOES section is said to have brought in new bag and shoe exhibitors, with Kähler continuing, “Both events are also drawing attention to CPM Moscow, where CPM Shoes & Accessories has just been created as its own segment. The new joint platforms from Hungary and Russia showcasing exciting new fashion and shoe brands at this edition of Gallery also reflect the mutually beneficial relationship of the three new interacting platforms with growing success.” The next Gallery tradeshow will take place from 21 st to 23 rd July, 2018. Visit and