Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

62 ATTIRE GOODLOOKERS As its brand name suggests, Goodlookers are for people that want to look good, and its uber-trendy collection of ready readers, sunglasses and sun- readers does just that! Now in its 10 th year of trading, Goodlookers lead the way in affordable fashion eyewear, and the brand has become synonymous with its up-to-the-minute collection of glasses, trusted quality and favourable price points. Goodlookers’ spring/summer ’18 reading glasses collection features an array of fabulous new looks; from vintage chic, to feisty animal print! New readers include Cassidy, which exemplifies the current trend for ultra-chunky glasses and incorporates a striking multi-coloured design. Other range highlights include Stamford sun-readers in rich tortoiseshell and light gold; Emily readers, and the elegant Botanica readers. Keeping in line with what is trending, the brand has revitalised its sunglasses collection for 2018, offering a complete new range of sunspecs for him and for her; all with the added benefit of polarised anti-glare 100 percent UV lenses. Of course, it is important for Goodlookers glasses to look good in-store, and the brand is continually updating its in-store displays options, with brand new displays for this season including a 39-pair acrylic wall display and a self-service counter display. There really is a pair of Goodlookers for every single occasion! PALA EYEWEAR Pala is the brainchild and long-held dream of founder John Pritchard. While John’s career has always been in digital media, he has nevertheless had a desire to do something that would really make a genuine difference and to create a business that truly gave back. In homage to the African continent Pala’s cause benefits, the brand name comes from the ‘impala’ antelope. Renowned for their superb eyesight, their main survival tool, this native African animal re-enforces the connection to the brand. Prescription glasses are one of the most effective poverty alleviating tools in the world, so to John it was a no-brainer: Pala would act as a vehicle to fund eye care projects in Africa. Through the sale of Pala’s sunglasses, grants are provided to create vision centers, dispensaries and screening programmes in Africa. Each project provides a cost per patient seen and Pala is therefore able to work out the necessary donation required from the sale of each pair of sunglasses to match that patient cost, thus fulfilling the ‘buy-give’ promise. Pala is proud to offer sunglasses with the same quality materials that you would normally associate with the more premium end of the market. Inflating price tags or compromising on quality isn’t an option.