Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

64 ATTIRE We speak to Michael Gough-Allen, Founder of David Hampton, about the brand’s success thanks to its steadfast commitment to quality leather goods and investment pieces Tell me a bit about how the company started.What was the aim of the label when it was launched? David Hampton was established in 1983 with a mission to manufacture high quality leather goods that were also practical. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and showcasing true statement pieces. How were the initial products developed, and what was the response? David Hampton’s first products were small leather goods for both men and women produced in factories in Walsall and Manchester.They were sold to stores across the US and received a good reception and feedback for their quality. What challenges were overcome when the company was starting out? Like many small companies, there was initial financing issues as well as the challenge of dealing with the US market and logistics of customs in the importation of products. Lack of awareness of the brand in its formative years meant we needed to work even harder to secure buyer interest. What sets you apart from your competitors? I think the quality of the products David Hampton produces sets us apart. Our designs are known for being luxurious, defined and understated. We have seven collections with some solely for men and some for women, while others are unisex. We have one collection called ‘The Richmond Collection’ that is created from eco-friendly chrome-free leather.The leathers we use are exclusive to the brand and the finishes developed and perfected by working closely with our factory.The result Raw hide