Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

ATTIRE 65 PROFILE ensures that each David Hampton style is not only made by craftsman, but produces a stunning finish and design. Our customers respond positively to the names and collections and their inspirations. It evokes a sense of travel and this seems to resonate well.The travel element is a positive factor and increasingly we have seen how customers love this DNA in our brand. We are also very passionate about the quality of our service too, which, for a smaller business can either allow you to sink or swim. Custom service is a pillar upon which the company was founded and has implemented through the decades. How important is your location and history to the company in its success? We’re based in Richmond and it is an ideal setting for the brand. It has easy access for both the motorway and airports. It is a charming and inspiring environment in which to work.The location creates a sense of charm, but it is not an essential factor in our growth or success. Our history is important and demonstrates a longevity and reputation built over decades and a very loyal customer base. Brand trust is all important and customers buy David Hampton with the knowledge that they have a product that is an investment piece and the ability to refer to us should they have any queries. We find that customer loyalty is such that when one member of a family discovers our product, other family members also buy. We put this down to their enjoyment of their purchase and also the customer service they experience, which delivers back to us this wonderful repeat business. Organic growth and word of mouth has proved to be important to us as a business. ➨