Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

ATTIRE 75 LEATHER ACCESSORIES ELLIOTT RHODES Now in its 14 th year of operation, the specialist belt retailer has a truly special offering with its extensive selection of interchangeable belts in both leather and natural skins in varying widths. Each belt can be mixed and matched with a buckle of choice. Elliot Rhodes has three London stores in Sloane Square, Covent Garden and Marylebone. Each offers on-site custom sizing and a personalised styling service to provide customers specialist assistance in finding the right belt for their requirements. All of the belts are designed in-house in the London headquarters but are manufactured by the finest craftsmen in Italy and Spain using locally-sourced raw materials.The buckles are mainly designed in- house, but the company also works with specialist artists and sculptors to produce some of the most detailed and exquisite pieces. With more than 600 straps and 800 buckles within the company’s portfolio of designs, there are endless combinations to choose from. Each season sees the launch of new designs, textures and colour combinations to reflect current trends. Diversity and individuality are key as Elliot Rhodes continues to put a modern spin on a traditional product. DAVID HAMPTON David Hampton was founded in 1983 to create beautiful and practical luxury leather goods to last a lifetime. The company’s luxury leather goods are handcrafted with carefully selected premium quality leather and every item is covered by a lifetime guarantee. The David Hampton design team works hard to balance style and elegance with practicality and durability creating timeless pieces. We round-up the best leather accessories suppliers on the market ➨ Tan-ta tic