Attire Accessories - Mar/Apr 2018 (Issue 69)

86 ATTIRE Has colour ever played an important factor when making branding decisions? Here, market research company Reboot Online explains why it most definitely should… Colour connections A ccording to market research company Reboot Online, colour has the special ability to communicate a feeling immediately. These feelings could be passion for red, serenity for green, or festivity when combining the two – a clear indicator that using colour to create a brand is vital. Having analysed colour in branding, Reboot Online found that hues of blue are most commonly seen in corporate businesses and black is incorporated most often in the luxury market. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule – let’s look at Ikea for example. Its unorthodox contrast of blue and yellow makes the brand extremely memorable. In a survey of 2,648 consumers conducted by Reboot, 67 percent could recognise the retailer from a depiction of the iconic colours alone. The importance of colour branding Research revealed that a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80 percent, according to Reboot. Indeed, even without seeing its logo, most people could recognise a Starbucks’ drink by its characteristic green straw. According to Reboot’s study, when shown a selection of five made-up company logos, 78 percent could recall the primary colour of the logo, compared to only 43 percent who were able to remember the name. To help you choose the right colour for your branding, Reboot analysed the top 100 global brands to see what the most popular branding colours were. It discovered blue was most commonly used within the tech industry, red was preferred by automotive companies and black was by far the most popular choice for luxury brands. The survey found: • 34 percent used the colour black in their logo • 30 percent used the colour blue in their logo • 30 percent used the colour red in their logo • 9 percent used the colour yellow in their logo • 7 percent used the colour green in their logo • 6 percent used the colour grey/silver in their logo • 5 percent used the colour orange in their logo • 2 percent used the colour brown in their logo Can you tell your famous brands? Percentage of consumers who correctly identified the brands: 1. Ikea 67% 2. Starbucks 80% 3. McDonalds 84% 4. Tiffany & Co 17% 5. Cadbury 31% 6. Harrods 12% 7. Facebook 73% 8. Subway 68% 9. BP 33% 10. Google 91%