Attire Accessories - May/Jun 2018 (Issue 70)

48 ATTIRE Bergand by Gulbena SE5 Bergand by Gulbena is a Portuguese garment manufacturing company that belongs to a cluster of companies in constant evolution within the textile industry. Bergand by Gulbena has evolved into a highly specialised manufacturer of technical fabrics and functional garments.The company’s wide production range includes sportswear, fashion wear and corporate wear. Confenix SC1 Founded in 1979, Confenix started as a beachwear and sleepwear manufacturer and today is a sleepwear manufacturer to small and large international brands.The company assists its clients in all stages of the manufacturing process while also offering customers services options such as pattern development and grading as well as design services and prototyping. Kauno Baltija SE3 Kauno Baltija is one the largest and oldest manufacturers of ladies outerwear in Lithuania.The company is an experienced manufacturer, established in 1940. It has an impressive product portfolio including dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, suits, coats and more for all types of occasions.The company has a production capacity of 700,000 garments per year and its production cycle on average takes around three-five weeks after the reception of materials.