Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

100 ATTIRE TOOLALLY +44 (0)1282 851 620 As a colourful British brand, Toolally celebrates the bold and the gorgeous with a touch of glamour. Toolally began in 2015 with the launch of an acrylic collection that was lightweight yet dramatic. The company’s ethos remains that elegance underpins everything it does and all pieces are designed and handmade in the UK using 22-carat gold vermeil fastenings. Nestled between the Yorkshire and Lancashire hills, the studio provides an idyllic setting to create collections such as the Classic and LBD, as well as individually designed necklaces. Within a year of launching, the brand was picked up by John Lewis to become one of its best-selling jewellery ranges, with the brand having appeared in the British consumer press, including Vogue and The Royal Academy of Art.The company describes the pieces as “wearable art but affordably accessible.” CABINET JEWELLERY +44 (0)1392 841 550 Exotic detail meets intrinsically British roots at Cabinet Jewellery, with the company’s internationally acclaimed jewellery collections evolving each season. Marching to its own beat, the company explores new materials and textures, continually being inspired by the wild and transformative beauty of nature’s elements. Coupled with a lifelong affinity for collection and curation, Cabinet Jewellery offers a wearable collection with both integrity and intrinsic value. Although the company finds inspiration across the globe, Cabinet is proud to be a British brand, using skilled craftsmen within the UK to produce all of its fine gold and silver collections. SAM UBHI +44 (0)208 673 4558 Award-winning designer Sam Ubhi has been at the forefront of British design for more than 30 years. Born in Kenya and raised in London, Sam had no formal training in jewellery design. Instead, she graduated in constructed textiles and successfully exhibited her work in galleries around the world before a chance encounter with an accessories buyer resulted in her first jewellery commission for Barneys. Her culturally rich background acts as the inspiration for her eclectic style and her award-winning designs.The products are famous for being distinctive and eye-catching, elevating jewellery to modern art status. It’s her ability to mix diverse materials to such a spectacular effect that sets her work apart. Her love for vintage pieces, tribal decorations, eco-friendly and fair trade materials combine wonderfully with her modern and individual twists. Her passion for her medium shines through in every one of her designs, making her one of the most sought-after designers around. HENNUMI MILLINERY +44 (0)208 936 7627 Hennumi is a sustainable luxury accessories brand specialising in exquisitely handmade millinery for both daywear and occasion. Combining traditional millinery craft with innovative sculptural construction, Hennumi uses sustainably sourced materials and fine-fabric off-cuts from its sister brand, DEPLOY womenswear, to create signature pieces that set it apart from the rest whilst completing the circular economy of the affiliated brands. Hennumi founder Tosin Trim specialises in fine accessories as a designer-maker and has many years of experience both in private commission and in costume design for film, TV and theatre. A qualified architect, trained at University of Cambridge, Tosin’s background ensures a refined aesthetic and rigorous design approach, creating statement headwear of sculptural beauty and textural luxury.