Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

106 ATTIRE SIMPLY DEVINE HATS +44(0)1937 836 068 Simply Devine Hats is set to launch a new collection of designer mother-of-the-bride/groom outfits to match and complement its new range of hats, hatinators and fascinators. The new range will be showcased this summer – the second time owner Liz Devine-Wright has debuted a new range. The outfits have been designed by Liz together with an Italian couturier – the latter of whom formerly worked for one of the major international fashion houses. Liz said of the new range: “We’ve had a fabulous first year as a headwear wholesaler, and our second range of hats and fascinators will build on the success of our first collection, but we wanted to add something new to our trade customers. We think this collection will be perfect since it has been designed exclusively with our hats in mind. “Mothers-of-the-bride or groom want something different from the high street – and we believe this is what we have achieved.” CHLOE HAYWOOD The Chloe Haywood SpaceTime Collection consists of 14 designs that incorporate hats for weddings, the races, parties and bridalwear and are all handmade sustainably in the UK. Largely made from upcycled vintage materials, such as fabric remnants, veiling and millinery straw, each design is one-of- a-kind but some can be replicated or at least adapted to a bespoke design. Chloe says: “The inspiration for SpaceTime isn’t as you might imagine from Einstein’s theory of relativity but directly from watching an episode of the BBC Ones series Forces of Nature with Professor Brian Cox.The episode was called ‘Somewhere in Spacetime’, and I didn’t set out to watch the show at all. “I was captivated by the movement of the show and, more specifically, by the way Cox explained, in his colourful way, an example of Spacetime.”