Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

120 ATTIRE PAULWENDT, EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTOR, STEPHANIE BROWNE Which are your best-selling pieces of bridal jewellery and why do you think this is? Our Stephanie Browne selection of earrings are a bride’s first choice to accentuate their beautiful gowns – a classic crystal lobe design with an ivory or white pearl drop from one of our silk styles or other pearl designs are some of our best sellers year on year. We see more and more of our UK brides being braver about their pieces – we expect our new Sinclaire earrings from Stephanie’s 2018 Still in Love Collection to be quite a hit with the more adventurous. And more brides are returning to focusing on their hair – particularly to provide a highlight in the back or under the veil – or for the more daring princesses to try some of our larger statement tiaras such as the Jasmine tiara or Geisha headpiece. We would never want our accessories to dominate or overstate the bride’s look on the day – it should always be something she is comfortable in, suits her overall styling and will make her feel special on the day. How much influence do you think the recent royal wedding will have on a bride’s choice of accessories? Meghan’s wedding was classically beautiful, but with a modern twist in her silk flowing Givenchy gown. It’s every young girl’s dream to find and marry her Prince or Princess – especially the dashing Harry or Meghan – and the backdrop of a castle, carriages and horseman simply made it a fairytale dream come true. Her stunningly beautiful Queen Mary tiara – originally a late 1800’s brooch turned into a tiara in the ’30s, provided that perfect princess finishing touch. A deco-inspired design was a lovely modern find in the traditional Royal Collection of jewels. With this being one of Stephanie’s favourite eras and plans to update her range with some of her favourite past designs in her 30 th year this year, we are expecting it will inspire more of our brides to add a bit more glamour to their chosen hair style in 2018/19. Meghan beautifully displayed how to pair such a stunning piece with her gown and veil. What do you think the key bridal jewellery trends will be for the coming year and why? In keeping with the return to traditional glamorous fitted gowns, we are definitely seeing a return to more statement sparkling earrings, bracelets and hair accessories after the recent trend of flowers and hair vines. Colour ranges are still strong in both rose golds, yellow golds as well as the classic silver look. The next generation of brides are interested in a bit more fun and sparkle as well as connection with their grandmothers from perhaps ’60s and ’70s where colour and disco glitz were not shied away from as well as the connection with the ’30s to ’50s era which remains a favourite across recent generations. The playfulness is already in our initial 2018/19 collection and there is more to come later this year. KRISHAN CHOPRA, DIRECTOR, SAVAGE & ROSE What do you think the key bridal jewellery trends will be for the coming year and why? Savage & Rose jewellery is perfect for brides, as we consider ourselves to be a classic brand offering timeless, sophisticated jewellery. We predict the trend for layering, as well as wearing statement pieces such as cuffs, is set to be popular with brides this year. We are also seeing the roaring ’20s having a style revival with brides, with long earrings and extra-long necklaces offering simplicity yet style. We have many such pieces in our Intricate collection, and the beauty of these is that their timeless design means they can be worn again and again after the wedding day – either on a special occasion or for everyday elegance.