Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

36 ATTIRE BEAU NUAGE V150 +33 1 55 42 73 91 Beau Nuage was founded by Aurélien and Antoine, who met whilst studying in London. One rainy evening, the two friends had the bold idea to reinvent the concept of rain accessories.The young brand quickly made a name for itself thanks to its first product: a well-made, foldable umbrella with its own drying cover, enabling you to put your umbrella into a pocket or a bag once wet. In under than a year and a half, 10,000 umbrellas were sold, and they are now available in 120 points of sale in France and in the UK. Following the launch of its second accessory, the Beau Nuage backpack (waterproof, anti-theft and made in France), Aurélien and Antoine want to bring new innovative products to the market. CAPRICE V96 +49 (0)6331 2733 72 Right from the start, Caprice had the goal to develop shoes that, while standing out thanks to their workmanship and fit, provide customers with an added value. The patented onAIR technology is what made the company’s shoes popular internationally. The craft of shoemaking has always placed great emphasis on detail, together with the continuing goal for constant improvement. It takes special skills to manufacture shoes of compelling fit and quality. Over the course of time Caprice continues to strive towards such perfection. The company has been manufacturing shoes for three generations, and it is its passion that makes them distinctive. Based in the German shoe metropolis of Pirmasens, Caprice is recognised today as one of the leading manufacturers of ladies’ shoes throughout Europe. BULAGGI T12 +31 35 621 2757 Bulaggi is a Dutch family-owned business that has been a market leader in designing, producing, marketing and selling on-trend ladies’ handbags and accessories for almost 50 years. Bulaggi’s aim is to celebrate all the distinctive characteristics of a woman with a bag that will always be the perfect match. A woman is never one-dimensional; she may be a professional, a mother, a partner and a party girl, as well as a friend. And at a time when an outfit is not just a look but is part of your identity, the company thinks it’s essential that this identity can be realised. Bulaggi understands what women want and offers a range of affordable, on- trend, high-quality bags with sumptuous extras to suit any occasion. BRAKEBURN H125 +44(0)1202 338 514 Brakeburn is a contemporary British brand with an active outdoor lifestyle.The company aim is simple: to create a brand that represents our way of life. The company believes in spending as much of its employees’ free time as possible out and about in the Dorset countryside. It has inspired the in-house designers to create the strongest menswear range to date, packed with the distinctive prints and bespoke detailing that represent its way of life. Whatever your outdoor activity, the company’s stylish and practical range of men’s footwear – including flip-flops, sandals and deck shoes – have been designed to go perfectly with any outfit.