Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

ATTIRE 73 PROFILE Tell me a bit about how the company started.What was the aim of the label when it was launched? It all started with the common interest of myself and my co-founder Anine Falster in hair accessorises - with five daughters between us and lots of hair to tame, the right hair accessory can really make a difference. We chatted about this when meeting at school pickups, and we both agreed that there was nothing offered that hit the sweet spot of both being a great hair tie but also a fashionable accessory at the right price.The aim of the label was, and still is, to turn an everyday staple into a fashionable accessory that adds to your outfit and keeps your hair looking gorgeous whatever the occasion. When not looking great keeping your pony in place, our hair ties look lovely on your wrist as a fashionable bracelet. byEloise London is a bangle and a hair band. How were the initial products developed, and what was the response? At first, the focus was on finding a really good elastic band.This is still our number one priority. We want great hair ties that are comfortable, gentle on your hair, don’t stretch and hold your hair firmly in place. Once we had the function, we started working on the design. We wanted our product to appeal to women who want classical styles, on-trend fashionistas and also younger girls.Therefore, we developed a selection of charms and colours that would cater to our different target groups. The response was overwhelming! At first, we tested the product on friends and family – they loved it and spread the word.The first shops that we sold into are still loyal customers, and they have helped us to build the brand in their local communities. What challenges were overcome when the company was starting out? Being a start-up and doing everything for the first time is always a challenge. At the same time, it was just so exciting that the business took off, so we coped with obstacles that came our way. We like to compare our business with a baby. At first, the business is like a sweet newborn baby: exhausting but also an amazing blessing for which you are grateful. However, eventually when you think you have gone past the sleepless nights, the baby becomes a toddler and challenges you in other ways.That is probably where we are right now. byEloise London is now a proper business. We need to start setting directions, prioritising where to invest, defining processes and so forth. What do you think sets you apart from your competitors? It is definitely the quality, design and the fashion element. We never compromise quality and function – forget about flimsy hair ties that break or lose their stretch. Our hair ties hold even the thickest hair firmly in place and last a lot longer. In addition, our bangle bands are not just hair ties but also fashionable accessories that look beautiful both in your hair and as a bracelet. We continuously introduce new designs, with charms, band materials and colours reflecting the current fashion trends. Our bangle bands are everyday essentials and also a fashionable accessory. How important is your location and history to the company in its success? We think it is very important. Living in London is very inspirational in terms of what is offered in fashion and on the art scene.The retail environment here is also very competitive. Everyone wants to be in London, so in order to make it, you need to have a very strong offer.The history is probably not so important, being a very young brand. We only started in late 2014. However, being Scandinavian is something that we believe has contributed to our success. My co-founder Anine is Norwegian and I am Swedish. Quality and design are elements that are inherent in our societies, and we think that our designs reflect the fact that we really are a Scandi brand but located in London. ➨