Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

90 ATTIRE SUPERBIA FASHION +44 (0)1612 788 199 Superbia Fashion is a wholesaler/manufacturer that supplies women’s fashion accessories, such as bags, purses, scarves, umbrellas, hats, capes and ponchos. Superbia’s distinctive range is perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd. Famous for supplying high-quality products at a competitive price, this season Superbia will launch some brand- new, sophisticated 2-in-1 bags, perfect for your weekend breaks. As usual, a wide range of colours is available throughout the season, from the classic black, brown and navy to stronger colours such as mustard, red, pink or green. OLLIE & NIC +44 (0)208 543 6710 Ollie & Nic’s Old & New Print Archive collection features two new prints for summer 2018.The Ditsy Daisy and Buzzy Bea prints have been designed exclusively for Ollie & Nic and are styled into a collection that ranges from make-up bags to large tote bags, which are great to use as carry-on flight bags or to pack in everything needed for a weekend away.The easy-to-clean fabric is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for travelling light. Subtle brushed antique brass hardware with the Ollie & Nic logo complete the look for style on the move. RADLEY LONDON +44 (0)207 741 1055 This season, Radley London has taken its design inspiration from faded British aristocracy and rebellious high society, spending long weekends at their far-flung country estates. A blur of the hedonistic 1970s and today’s elite, historic houses with mazes of rooms, each with an eccentric glamour, now stand dusty and withered, waiting to be rediscovered. Inside, faded gems are found while rummaging through an ancestor’s closet in search for something unusual. Radley London has continued to find joy in the more casual side of life, with playful prints including Data Dog and Linear Flower on its non-leather work and travel bags giving an instant character boost.The athleisure trend gives Radley London’s silhouettes a new spin, with webbing stripe straps and monochrome pieces featuring in the Rose Court collection, which includes Radley London’s new bum bag. In leather, Radley London sees new strong silhouettes combined with key styling details, including updates on timeless multiway and cross-body shapes to new open-top shoulder bag designs.The colour palette for AW18 is a mix of wearable colours and has been designed to flow with the occasional colour pop.