Attire Accessories -Jul/Aug 2018 (Issue 71)

ATTIRE 93 PROFILE ➨ work from our part. Single-row pearls and rhinestone necklaces were the order of the day. What challenges were overcome when the company was starting out? Business would have been very hard at the time because the country was only just recovering after World War II. People wouldn’t have had large amounts of money to spend. Travelling would have had to be by train or boat. Communication was by post until the telex machine came along. Orders placed with the Czech factories would have to be placed eight months in advance! What do you think sets you apart from your competitors? We feel that being a third-generation business gives our customers a depth of experience that is difficult to beat. We have a complete understanding of our product and can give good, honest advice to our customers. With our trusted factories in the Far East, we are also able to produce distinctive designs and bespoke offerings for certain customers. How important is your location and history to the company in its success? The location is really not important anymore, as just about everything can be done over the internet. However, there is still is something about face-to-face meetings to offer new products to new customers. I believe the history of the company is very important, as this can only give confidence to our customers, alongside knowledge that others may not be able to provide. How has the product offering changed over the years, and how would you describe your current collection? The product is unrecognisable from when we started. Design, materials and fashions have all changed and improved. We now have a completely new type of customer that means bespoke products are as important as the new styles we are producing. We aim to provide good, fashionable basic styles that can work as well in a boutique shop as they do as a boxed item for the gift market. We are also continually developing jewellery products to commemorate major events, such as the poppy and RAF centenary. How often do you launch new lines, and what are your best-selling designs? Tell me about your recent campaigns. We generally launch new lines about three times a year. Spring and autumn are the main launches, which we then add to in the summer when we need to support any trends that are doing well.