Attire Accessories - Sep/Oct 2018 (Issue 72)

14 DOMINO JEWELLERY RELAUNCHES WEBSITE Domino Jewellery continues with its focus on customer support with the relaunch of its customer website and online resources and tools. The Birmingham-based manufacturer has been working behind the scenes to finalise improvements to its online portal following direct customer feedback on changes required to support its diverse audience. Changes include faster, easier live price-checking, an improved data table and product presentation, simplified navigation, enhanced filters, improved search functionality and improved design and images across the website. Commenting on the new website, marketing coordinator Chantelle Serrell-Cooke said: “We knew that the fundamentals of our website were on the money. However, we also knew that there were elements that we could improve. We asked our customers for feedback, and we went back to basics. The new website delivers on the requirements that our customers stated were the priorities. They want quick live pricing, great product images and data tables that are easy to understand and present to their customers.” Visit JULES B’S NEW DIGITAL STRATEGY TRIGGERS SUCCESS Luxury clothing brand Jules B has experienced a 40 per cent revenue increase after revamping its digital marketing strategy. With more people opting to shop online than ever before, the fashion retailer required an improved online presence to make the most out of this sales-boosting opportunity. In turn, leading e-commerce agency Visualsoft was brought on board to increase its digital presence and to boost brand awareness in both the UK and internationally. To stand out in the increasingly competitive retail market, Visualsoft overhauled the design of the website and implemented a 360-degree marketing approach, using PPC, SEO and affiliate marketing tactics. To kickstart the project, PPC was used to increase international brand awareness and catch the attention of a wider range of shoppers by boosting the reach of overseas campaigns. The SEO team then focused on creating relevant, eye-catching content to create noise around the brand and to help drive sales. This included creating an engaging video that illustrated the key style trends throughout the decade, which was distributed to influential fashion publications. Both of these tactics successfully caught the attention of prospective shoppers and triggered advantageous results. These online improvements not only bolstered revenue figures but also prompted an impressive 50 per cent transactions increase and a 35 per cent spike in traffic to its website. For more information, visit