Attire Accessories - Sep/Oct 2018 (Issue 72)

ATTIRE TALK 93 ATTIRE TALK We put the spotlight on the companies making their mark on the fashion accessories industry, finding out how they got to where they are today BOING Jewellery pg 94 Editor says: Co-founder Kerry Harvey tells us how this distinctive fashion brand evolved from a simple yet quirky idea into a successful business thanks to the right amount of drive and passion. Christin Ranger pg 98 Editor says: Christin’s love of drawing and creative flair is highlighted in the company’s varied jewellery range. Coupled with her husband’s business acumen, the brand is going from strength to strength. Mala Leather pg 101 Editor says: A bright and colourful UK brand, Mala Leather is fast becoming an industry stalwart. But it’s the company’s commitment to sourcing from ethical suppliers that will no doubt make this diverse company stand the test of time. House of Spring pg 107 Editor says: A young company, Founder Radhia used her expertise as a fashion buyer to help launch House of Spring at London Fashion Week in 2016. Radhia tells us about the hard work and dedication it took to launch her up-and-coming brand.