Joe Davies
Joe Davies

Pure London and Pure Origin launch AW20/21 Nomad manifesto

Pure London and Pure Origin launch AW20/21 Nomad manifesto: Image 1 Pure London and Pure Origin have announced the launch of their AW20/21 Nomad manifesto.

According to organisers, the 2020 campaign has been developed as a 'positive response to global and political tensions designed to spotlight the show's creative direction for the future, and for February's AW20/21 season the campaign manifests in a dynamic, bright and contemporary set of graphics and imagery embodying the concept of perpetual future.'

Looking to 'break free from limits', the Nomad manifesto aims to break free from control, creating boundary-less creativity that spans the globe. The event is set to open new doors for communication and collaboration amidst a world of 'political world full of contention.'

Gloria Sandrucci, event director at Pure London and Pure Origin says, "We are heading into an exciting new decade and at Pure London and Pure Origin we continue to strive to inspire, innovate and connect at the forefront of an evolving global industry. We also have the mindset to make real changes that last, continue to advocate better practice in the fashion industry, and help deliver a better world for future generations.
"The Nomad manifesto encompasses this ethos for the future by placing the spotlight on the importance of boundaryless connections and genuine communication. I adore the bold and vibrant new AW20/21 visual campaign, which will run across all of our visuals and I can't wait to see it come to life on-site at the show as a backdrop to the stunning AW20/21 collections within Pure London and beyond under Pure Origin's roof."

Visit Pure London and Pure Origin between 9-11 February, 2020 and check out the website at