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New vegan leather bag brand Fashion Without a Face launches amidst COVID-19

New vegan leather bag brand Fashion Without a Face launches amidst COVID-19: Image 1 Set to launch at the now-cancelled Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles, new UK-based vegan bag brand Fashion Without a Face has pushed ahead with its launch despite the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

The multifunctional bags that can be used as a tote, rucksack and briefcase. The 'M' bag is available at launch in eight colours, with the bag conceptualised around one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet, cork. This is fabric 100% ethical, PeTA approved and vegan, but it is also impermeable to gases and liquids, water, dust and oil resistant.

Founder Scott Joseph said; "Our notion is simple! Create a brand with products that are 100% unisex, ethical, vegan, stylish and chic and appeal to not just the vegan market but to everyone. Stylish in design and in bold but neutral colours.
"Three years in development our brand was all geared up to launch at Vegan Fashion Week 2020 in Los Angeles in April with a follow-up at sustainable fashion festivals in Ibiza and Dubai. Coronavirus was a devastating blow to us as it still is for everyone but, now more than ever, it's important we show resilience and share our message about making the right choices to protect our planet's future through sustainability. "The fashion accessories industry is forever evolving, and new styles and designs are appearing constantly in mid-price range brands. One thing we haven't seen yet, is a brand utilise a completely natural product that has the same tendencies as leather, yet is more robust, cruelty free and uses less CO2 in manufacture."

New vegan leather bag brand Fashion Without a Face launches amidst COVID-19: Image 2 The 'M' bag comes with detachable and retractable straps to quickly transform it from tote to rucksack to briefcase. There is an internal padded pocket for laptops and zipped mobile phone pockets for storing smaller items. The bag is fully lined with fabric made from 30% organic cotton and 70% recycled materials – the internal structuring is also made from recycled materials.

According to the company. "Fashion Without a Face, is based in Manchester UK and has an ethical, bold concept with a hunger and passion to educate the world in the notion that fashion doesn't have to be barbaric to be beautiful."

M bag RRP £345 with an early-bird offer of £295 (limited pre-orders available). Visit