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Earth Squared
Earth Squared

Nixey founder launches new jewellery range

NIXEY founder Laura-Marie Nixey has announced the launch of the brand’s first ever jewellery collection.

Nixey founder launches new jewellery range Usually known for its range of Scottish-made handbags, inspired by the Celtic sporran, NIXEY continues to pay homage to the heritage of the British Isles with this new range.

From fine silver Amulet pendants to gemstone bracelets, each carry hand-carved leaf motifs inspired by the 13 tree signs of Celtic astrology.

Laura says, "During the COVID lockdown, I took up the cliché pastimes of painting and jewellery making. What started out as something to keep me sane, developed into NIXEY's first jewellery collection inspired by Celtic Tree Astrology. Now, I hand make each fine silver pendant from my home in London.
"Each necklace comes with a printed, hand painted card describing each birth sign. As the Celts believed the time of our birth is pivotal to the formation of our personality and behaviour, each zodiac has its own characteristic.Laura says, "Perhaps you're an Oak 'The Stabiliser', or your friend is Ivy 'The Survivor', or your daughter is Birch 'The Achiever?'"

Lovingly wrapped in a pure cotton bag and tied with a raffia ribbon, the collection makes a beautiful and meaningful gift. Prices start from £32.
Visit www.nixeyonline.com

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