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Ania Haie launches new Turning Tides collection

Ania Haie is set to launch a turquoise and abalone shell collection for its spring/summer 2021 offering. The Turning Tides collection is inspired by the ocean and the magnificent blue and green hues that radiate from the water.

Ania Haie launches new Turning Tides collection The collection features 14kt gold plated pieces adorned with abalone shell and rhodium plated pieces adorned with vibrant turquoise stones, both reminiscent of the ever-changing tides and waves of the sea.

Turning Tides features statement abalone/turquoise slice signet rings along with sleek drop hoop earrings, bringing a touch of sea serenity to you wherever you go.Inspired by the latest fashion trends,

Ania Haie is paving the way for affordable sterling silver jewellery that combines exquisitely made pieces without compromising on quality.

Visit www.aniahaie.com

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