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Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery launches Winter Collection

Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery has announced the launch of its new winter collection.

Tagua seed jewellery The range encapsulates a balance of colour with a modern twist and a sense of iconic design. Within the hub of Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery, what goes on behind the scenes to hand make and create each bespoke piece, is a true testament to the dedication of the Directors of the company and their pledge towards working together to help save the environment, one seed at a time.

Consumers, more than ever, are sourcing what they are looking for from companies with the same beliefs and environmental drive that has seen Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery propel to deliver its new collection.

The foundation of each piece of jewellery is the Tagua seed, picked from a fruited palm tree it is native to South America, in particular, the Amazon Rainforest.It can take up to forty years for these trees to produce their fruit. Once picked, the seeds can be of various size and if left, the cavity produces a liquid, replicating a substance, similar to animals' teeth, vegetable ivory. The vegetable ivory is a renewable resource and does not harm the planet or our animals when harvested.

Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery has also become recognised for working with Acai seeds, which have been used to create some of their favourite pieces, featured within their Winter collection.


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