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Pure Origin launches Korea and Morrocco Now pavilions

Pure Origin launches Korea and Morrocco Now pavilions: Image 1 Pure Origin is set to launch the Korea and Morrocco Now pavilions at the show, taking place 21st-23rd July, 2019.

The manufacturing and supply chain expo, which runs parallel with Pure London, will throw the spotlight on 'future orientated materials with innovative and creative textile technologies from Korea, as well as the modernity, exoticism and creativity that Moroccan design and manufacturing offers, with the launch of two new Country Pavilions.'

Meanwhile the Korea Pavilion will present Innovation Korea - a range of clothing and textiles specialising in premium mixed fabrics, wovens and knits. The pavilion has been organised with Korea Textile Trade Association (KTTA).

Namhee Kim, global marketing manager, Korea Textile Trade Association says, “Due to the individuality of consumer characteristics, trends in fashion materials are diversifying, market boundaries collapsing and standard marketplaces disappearing. In order to meet the changes and the demands of the times, the Korean textile industry is promoting future-oriented textile materials with premium as a representative keyword for 'Innovation Korea'.”

Moroccan footwear, accessories, clothing, textiles, and leather will be on display in the Morocco Now pavilion. Visit purelondon,com