Tracy Neuls opens innovative London-based retail space

Tracy Neuls opens innovative London-based retail space

Footwear designer Tracey Neuls has opened a new retail space in Coal Drops Yard, London, which eschews formulaic shopping setups in favour of a retail-cum-gallery space.

Once a utilitarian Victorian warehouse before turning into a legendary nightclub, Tracey Neuls has reinvented the space and, rather than focusing on a static shop fit that quickly becomes old hat, has created a gallery space that has evolving exhibitions within.

The floor itself has changeable cavities; trees can be planted or they can be filled with coal or any different visual message Tracey wishes to communicate.

Shoes will be hung on strings from the ceiling, with the brand's signature fashion swaying to mimic the movement of feet walking. There will also be a gratis drinks trolley that rolls in daily after work hours.

Tracey said, “I want shoppers to feel when they come to my shops – to experience the space as much as the shoes. From mind to toe shopping.”

For more information, visit or the brand's Instagram page on @traceyneuls


Posted: 2 January 2019

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