Attire Accessories - Sep/Oct 2018 (Issue 72)

20 BTAA News Chief executive Diana Blair brings us all the latest developments from the British Travelgoods & Accessories Association members BTAA LOOKS BACK AT SUCCESSFUL 100 TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATORY MEMBERS’ DAY The British Travelgoods and Accessories Association held its 100 th anniversary Celebratory Members’ Day on Wednesday, June 6 th , at the Palace of Westminster. This spectacular celebration included around 90 members and guests and was a fitting centenary for the prestigious organisation. Guests were treated to a fascinating tour of Westminster Hall and the House of Lords before the celebratory ceremony began. It was a beautiful summer’s day, and the BTAA’s guests enjoyed champagne on the bank of the Thames, taking in a unique view of London that’s available only to visitors to the Palace. The event was a celebration of the past century of the leather goods, luggage, handbags and fashion accessories industry. After a rousing introduction by Lord Foulkes, the meeting was opened by BTAA chairman David Nathan, who has been on the National Committee for 15 years, six of those as chairman. He captured the audience with a story of the BTAA’s origins as the post-war Saddlery, Harness and General Leathergoods Manufacturers Association, representing an industry with a proud legacy of producing vital kit for Britain’s armed forces during WWI. It was then the turn of Diana Blair, the BTAA’s CEO, to commemorate some past and current members who helped to shape the Association. Homage was paid to the late Bob Plenderleith, formally of Antler Luggage, who was Chairman between 1967 and 1968 and negotiated the BTAA’s joining the British Allied Trades Federation, a group of trade associations that the BTAA is a proud part of to this day. Diana acknowledged and thanked Robert Ettinger, Steve Jones, Ian Anderson and Nicholas Young, who were longstanding National Committee members and chairmen, all having been dedicated to lobbying governments on behalf of the leather industry. Finally, she thanked Robert Wills, who was not only a former Chairman of the BTAA but also a current and long-serving member of the BATF board of directors. Diana said: “They are all pioneers and an inspiration to us all.” Going on to praise Mr Nathan, she continued: “He is a long-standing member. Under his leadership and guidance, the BTAA’s presence throughout Europe was established, ensuring the BTAA and its members have a strong voice in Brussels. He was able to establish the European Leather Goods Alliance, of which the BTAA is a respected founding member, along with our French, Spanish and Italian counterparts.” For those unable to make it to this spectacular celebration, the BTAA team hopes to see you soon. BLACK YAK DISCUSSES FAIRTRADE PRODUCT OFFERING Black Yak is an independent Fairtrade company based in East Yorkshire. The company specialises in sourcing, importing and supplying a wide range of wool clothing and accessories, cotton clothing, bags and craft items to both retail and wholesale customers. Designed in the UK with production facilities in Nepal, Black Yak produces stylish ranges year- round to make you stand out from the crowd. The company ethos is to buy only honest, fair and ethically produced goods from its trading partners. It works closely with them to ensure that they earn an honest wage for honest work with safe and pleasant working conditions and practices. Contact: T: +44 (0)1377 217 777 W: @blackyakuk @blackyak_uk @BlackYakUK BIANCA ELGAR COLLECTION OFFERS CONTEMPORARY ACCESSORIES COLLECTION Add a contemporary print and/or a pop of colour to any outfit. Bianca Elgar’s Platinum A’ Design Award-winning Language of Flowers prints and capsule wardrobe collection feature silk scarves of different shapes and sizes. They include the Sleeve Scarf, the Skinny Scarf and the Three- Sided Skinny Scarf – all designed to be worn in a variety of ways. This year’s party must-have, the Tube Top is a hardworking, adaptable and, above all, stylish accessory that can be worn as a top, a bolero or as a scarf (available in Winter Flowers, black twill and variety of silk organza single colours). Visit @biancaelgar