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Attire Accessories magazine - Issue 106 - May/June 2024

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In this issue:

Sarah Jordan founded Y.O.U Underwear in a bid to help tackle pant poverty.

Check out this array of cosmos-inspired jewellery items perfect for fashionforward consumers

Classic handbags and backpacks from the industry's finest bag companies

Classic yet fashionable, traditional yet stylish, and whimsical yet strong, gold jewellery ticks every accessories box and more…

Provide a 360-jewellery offering with this selection of rings

Hyve Group launches Curate/Create proposition at Pure London

Hyve Group is excited to announce the return of Pure London x JATC and Source Fashion in...

Pure London x JATC proudly present this season’s catwalk trends

Pure London x JATC proudly presented this season's catwalk trends, inspired by the...

'Make Better' says Nick Beighton at Source Fashion

Thousands of visitors from brands and retailers including Clarks, French Connection, Lyle & Scott,...

Luella Grey London unveil Weekend Edit Collection for AW24

Luella Grey London is excited to introduce the Weekend Edit Collection - a diffusion line...

From the editor

All that glitters

Jewellery, in whatever iteration, is always a great seller. We see it time and time again. Whether you’re an accessories boutique with a vast array of different jewellery options, or you are predominately focused on gifts and are thinking about branching out into offering necklaces, rings and bracelets in order to entice the pick-up consumer, jewellery is a sure-fire sales hit.

This issue we have two features looking at different jewellery trends. Celestial styles, inspired by the stars, are definitely en vogue right now, with the fashion-forward consumer loving the cosmos-inspired jewellery items. Meanwhile gold items are classic yet fashionable, traditional yet stylish, and whimsical yet strong – ticking every box and more.

Of course, that’s not all we’re covering this issue. We throw the spotlight on the best handbags and backpacks to market, as well as our round-up of rings and watches. Focusing on shows, we have in-depth previews of Pure x JATC and Scoop – two great events that will help refine your in-store offering and help guide you on what’s hot in the industry right now.

And finally, in our op-ed blog I look at while it’s important to support advocacy days such as International Women’s Day and Pride month, coming up in June, it’s imperative that you are consistent, authentic and intentional with your marketing all-year round in order to highlight your genuine support for these important causes.

Enjoy the issue!

Editor Louise Prance

Louise Prance, Editor

PS. If you have any news you would like to submit to this site or Attire Accessories magazine, please email

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Louise Prance, Editor of Attire Accessories magazine
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Whether it's a day outing or an evening occasion, this tote from Luella Grey London will suit every event.


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