Joe Davies
Joe Davies

Cyber attacks

Neil McFarlane, chartered insurance broker and CEO of TH March, explains the importance of educating staff on the threat of cyberattacks

In the midst of the GDPR and a growing risk of cyberattacks across industry lines, your organisation has more than likely bolstered its cyber-security practices in the past year. But have all of your staff members received the message?

Cyber attacks: Image 1 Recent reports revealed that despite increased efforts and spending in the realm of reducing cyber risk, more than 60 per cent of UK businesses identified that they have a cyber-security skills gap. What's more, more than half of these organisations believe they have an increased risk of suffering a data breach as a result.

Such startling statistics emphasise that your organisation can't ignore the gap in your cyber-security approach any longer. Indeed, it's crucial to ensure that all staff members are updated and aware of cyber-related risk management practices in your workplace to avoid suffering the costly consequences.

Make sure all of your employees can help prevent a cyber-attack and comply with the GDPR with this staff training guidance:·

  • Keep it specific: Avoid using a generic presentation or guide to communicate your cyber-security measures to staff. Make sure employees understand the specific role they play in helping prevent a cyberattack. This entails identifying threats that different departments are more likely to face (phishing, insecure networks or dated software) and ensuring they know how to mitigate their daily risks.·
  • Make it entertaining: No one wants to listen (nor will they pay proper attention) to a lingering lecture on cyber security. Be sure your training programme is fun and captivating for employees by utilising hands-on activities or acting out different cyberattack scenarios.·
  • Offer incentives: Employees will be much more motivated to practice proper cyber-security measures if they feel valued for doing so. If a worker recognises a cyber concern and follows correct protocol, make sure you praise their achievement with an aware or an all-staff congratulatory email.·
  • Stay updated: Staff training shouldn't be a single occurrence. Keep employees updated on the latest threats and risks with a routine training schedule and additional resources.
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