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NAJ champions British-made jewellery with new Created in the UK scheme

NAJ champions British-made jewellery with new Created in the UK scheme: Image 1 The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has launched a new scheme that champions products made in the UK.

The Created in the UK scheme includes a new logo and focuses on jewellery, silverware and related products such as mixed metal items that can be shown to highlight their providence. The Created in the UK logo has been designed to be as simple as possible, in order to work across many delivery mechanisms without complicated instructions, the NAJ and licensees can use relevant artwork on appropriate products, packaging, websites and exhibition stands.

In order to be eligible you must sell or manufacture items that are made in the UK (in accordance with the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, Section 36). In addition to marketing materials for membership of the scheme, you can also take advantage of the optional additional Created in the UK mark that can be struck alongside the hallmark.

According to a press release, “If you wish to apply the ‘Created in the UK’ mark to your products, you can self-mark using your own punch, or the relevant Assay Office will charge a fee of £1 per item. In addition, an annual levy of 5p per mark struck on all jewellery and silverware pieces (either self-marked or marked by a third party) is due to the NAJ.”

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