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With tough times ahead, for now let's 'Keep Calm and Carry On', says one British retailer

With tough times ahead, for now let's Keep Calm and Carry on, says one British retailer: Image 1 It's tough in business right now: just yesterday we heard the news that Laura Ashley's future is in serious doubt due to the impact Coronavirus is having on the world.

With this in mind we asked Emma Limn, spokesperson for fashion and lifestyle emporium Roo's Beach, for her advice...

"Here at Roo's Beach in Cornwall, we are taking the 'Keep Calm & Carry On' approach to the current global melt down of COVID-19. Our shop on Porth Beach remains open everyday and our independent coffee shop has never been so busy. People are out and about for sunny walks and still want to stop by and shop.

"The most common conversations have been around needing a pick-me-up from all the doom and gloom, and since we proudly name ourselves 'The Bringers Of Joy', with our array of colourful clothing and accessories, we feel we are best equipped to do this for our customers.

"With our annual 'Fashion Feast' catwalk event coming up this Thursday 19th March at the Retorrick Mill in Mawgan Porth, we've decided to continue as planned, following the Government's guidelines whilst taking all necessary precautions to keep our staff and valued customers well and to minimise risk.

"We are constantly disinfecting all areas of the store to remain germ-free, are offering hand sanitiser for all visitors when entering and leaving the premises and offering recyclable cups in place of china mugs in the coffee shop for the time being until everything calms down.

"Whilst it remains very uncertain what the Government's next steps are, we anticipate that people will still head to Cornwall for Easter and we are therefore well placed to welcome them into the store and are hoping to have a busy period.

"Finally, with people spending more time at home, they will most certainly have more screen time and will be looking to spend more online. So by us having a big presence online too with our website, we are well placed to ride out this storm."