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Vivobarefoot launches re-commerce site in a bid to reduce mass volumes of shoes in landfill

Vivobarefoot launches re-commerce site in a bid to reduce mass volumes of shoes in landfill: Image 1 Vivobarefoot has announced the launch of its re-commerce site, Revivo, which has been created in a bid to reduce the mass volume of shoes that end up in landfill.

According to the company, more than 25 billion shoes are produced each year, with 90% of these ending up in landfill, often within 12 months of purchase. Launching on 20th July, ReVivo, will recondition worn or returned Vivobarefoot shoes, keeping them out of landfill, and is a step towards the company's goal of becoming one of the most regenerative businesses in the world. Vivobarefoot CEO Galahad Clark says, "No doubt, the elephant in the sustainable shoe room is end-of-life and the fact that nearly all shoes end up in landfill or, at best, get ground down into flooring material.

The shoe industry makes shoes out of complicated different materials bonded together with a lot of petro-chemicals that will ultimately sit in landfill for a lot longer than the lives of the wearers!"

At Vivobarefoot we're on a journey to make the most sustainable shoes in the world: regenerative for people and planet. The launch of ReVivo is a super exciting step in that journey and one of many initiatives we are taking to make sure none of our shoes ever end up slowly decaying in landfill!"

Vivobarefoot believes the most sustainable option for footwear is to keep them on people's feet for as long as possible and, as a result, the brand will work alongside the highly-skilled craftspeople of The Boot Repair Company to give their shoes a new lease of life. Currently, only shoes that have been returned to the brand will go through this process, however, it is Vivobarefoot's goal to be able to accept shoes directly from customers, before repairing and returning them.


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