Natasha Karumba

Voice International restarts distribution following COVID-19 outbreak

Voice International restarts distribution following COVID-19 outbreak: Image 1 Voice International has announced that it is back to distributing its handmade jewellery and accessories to stockists old and new.

Voice International is an independent jewellery and clothing company that exists to empower women through creative employment. Every product is handmade in Uganda by an artisan who has developed the skills to design and create beautiful products, from jewellery and hair accessories, to bags and kimonos.

According to the company, "Right now we're excited to replenish stock of our Courage collection, especially our Bravery earrings. The Courage collection was inspired by geometric shapes and the use of brushed brass complimenting ankole, a natural horn bi-product sourced from within Uganda. Using this natural material results in distinctive colours and gradients, meaning every pair of Bravery studs is completely unique.
"Every piece of Voice jewellery tells the story of the inspirational woman who made it, and we believe that in these difficult times our products can inspire those who wear them to live bravely. "In partnering with Voice International, you'll not only be stocking beautiful, handcrafted products, you'll also become part of our story, and part of a cycle of empowerment, creativity, community and bravery."


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