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Scam website alert

Scam website alert for The Wholesaler Sue Nayler, director of The Wholesaler (UK) Ltd has made Craft Focus aware of fraudsters claiming to be their company. Here's what Sue had to say, "The Wholesaler Ltd web address: https://www.thewholesaler.co.uk has recently been made aware of the existence of a scam website using the url: https://www.thewholesalerukltd.com.This fraudulent site is calling itself The Wholesaler (UK) Ltd and is using our company registration number on its site and on invoices that it's sending out. It's also using the address of our accountant as its contact address. The site claims to be selling high value kitchen equipment which some people have unfortunately ordered and paid for but haven't, of course, received the goods. We're doing everything we can to get this site taken down and are also liaising with trading standards. In the meantime, we would advise people to be extra vigilant and, if they access this site, ask them also to report it to their local trading standards office and post warnings on their social media platforms.
If you have any concerns you can contact me on +44 (0)1608 662 298."

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