Sustainable blockchain powered technology launched

woman in black silk dress laying down with black biker boots on A new blockchain powered technology that protects ownership and tackles the growing blight of counterfeiting has been quickly adopted by businesses keen to protect themselves and their customers.

UK-based DNA creates unique digital passports which prove authenticity and ownership of jewellery, collectibles, art, rarities and luxury goods. The technology makes virtually any physical product instantly verifiable storing every historical transfer of ownership, and other information about the product, on a unique DNA digital passport (Native Asset) which is then safeguarded on the Kadena blockchain platform.

DNA is built for mass adoption and users of all skill sets as a plug & play solution that facilitates a brand's transition into Web 3.0 without the need for cumbersome and complicated blockchain infrastructure. From first sale through to every resale, DNA guarantees provenance which boosts confidence for buyers and sellers alike.

For brands this also creates a new and more meaningful connection with consumers/owners which remains in place for the entire lifecycle of the product. The innovation was given the ultimate seal of approval when Sotheby's announced the sale of a highly valuable Paraiba Tourmaline ring from Austrian jeweler Schullin verified with a DNA Native Asset. This is the first time any auctioneer has sold a piece of jewellery guaranteed in this way.

Lukas Schullin, Manager at Schullin Wien, said: "We're very impressed by what DNA has created and the solution they offer - it made sense to use the technology for the upcoming Sotheby's sale, which features a unique piece. "We've explored a number of digital verification solutions in the past but none work as effectively and seamlessly as this one.

"For us, simplicity and ease of use is what sets it apart. The fact it can be used by anyone makes it the perfect solution for all of our customers including those who may not be particularly tech savvy.

"It offers the power and security of the blockchain without all the headache of having crypto currency and a digital wallet."

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