Miss Milly introduces Pantone Colour of the Year

Miss Milly jewellery in multiple images Miss Milly Founder Sarah Ward shares how the Pantone Colour of the Year has found a place in her collections...

As we've become more sensitive to the fragility of our planet and sustainability has become increasingly important, the decadent complete overhaul of fashion from one season to the next has happily slowed down. And we now see colour palettes shifting gradually rather than a wholesale transformation from one set of shades to something completely diff erent. And in a cost-of-living crisis, we defi nitely don't want to be renewing our wardrobe every few months. And this is where jewellery and accessories play an important role in refreshing outfits and sparking interest.

The Pantone Colour of The Year for 2023 is Digital Lavender, a fresh shade of purple inspiring wellness and calm. But rarely found in nature, this is also a colour to inspire escapism in the physical and virtual worlds. It is also a gradual move on from 2022 and Very Peri, a bolder violet or periwinkle.

We don't always find that the full range of colours assigned to a season work for Miss Milly but this year, the top five chosen by Pantone have all found a place in our collection. Verdigris is a dark, teal green that you wouldn't normally associate with Spring and Summer but when put together with orange, turquoise and yellow, it is beautiful. And as a continuation of the popular greens from 2022, it'll work with your existing wardrobe, and if you find it too dark, you don't have to go full on with it, which is, again, where jewellery can work its magic.

Tranquil Blue is the sea, the air and tranquillity. It has the freshness of emerging from Winter into Spring and works well with so many other shades. Luscious Red is a great name and makes you smile just to say it, and a fabulous colour. We've teamed it with navy and mid blues (such as Tranquil Blue), and white to create a traditional colour scheme with modern designs. And the fifth colour of the top echelon is Sundial, a dusky yellow, evoking sand and emerging sunshine. Yellow is the colour of happiness and optimism and we'll be needing plenty of that as we break out of Winter 2022/23.

Working with colour is what we love best, researching what the fashion industry predicts and adapting it to work for our brand is always a lot of fun. And there is a lot of joy in seeing a successful colour mix come to life. But we have definitely had our fair share of failed combinations too!


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