The Whale Company promotes plastic pollution awareness

The Whale Company promotes plastic pollution awareness

Accessories brand and charity The Whale Company has announced its intention to paddle 346km from the source of the River Thames to the sea at Southend in an event named Message in a Bottle – Source to Sea. Attempting to raise awareness of the global issue of plastic pollution in our waterways, Founder Carolyn Newton and Creative Innovator Carlos De Sousa will attempt the challenge on two stand up paddle boards made out of plastic bottles, with the aim to deliver a 'message in a bottle' to parliament when they travel through London.

Carolyn says, “Along the route, with your support, we plan to run Bottle Boards workshops, clean ups and other events to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our waterways. A lot of incredible work is being done by many different individuals and organisations. Our aim is to invite everyone who cares about the issue to come on board because we believe by collaborating we can create more of an impact.”

The mission will be split over three to four legs, with various projects and initiatives being held along the way, with documentary maker Bethany Staley filming the expedition.

The move follows the pair's achievement last year of becoming the first people in the world to paddle a marathon on a SUP made out of plastic bottles. Carolyn and Carlos went on to complete 12 marathons (42km) in 12 countries in Europe, catching the eye of European media. The plastic bottle SUP creates a real impact and is a great tool to initiate a conversation about plastic pollution. Carolyn and Carlos plan to start the event on World Ocean Day, 8th June, 2018 and are looking for support and sponsorship to help the cause.

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Posted: 30 May 2018

by Molly&Izzie
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