Joe Davies
Joe Davies

Previous reader polls

Here is a selection of our previous reader's polls and a snapshot of the views of the professional fashion buyers across the United Kingdom.

With many of the shows hosting virtual events, are you finding them useful?

With video becoming more prevalent in social media - do you feel comfortable incorporating it into your online marketing strategy?

Have you placed a greater focus on your employee's mental health during the lockdown period?

How often do you launch new products?

Would you feel comfortable attending a trade show in 2020?

As lockdown loosens into the UK, do you think this will reflect positively on your business?

If correct social distancing measures are implemented, will you be heading back to the trade shows in August/September?

In what way do you think COVID-19 will affect business for the better?

As COVID-19 lockdown continues, what ways are you using to implement self-care?

What are your best-selling items?