GWD by George Davies launches in the UK

GWD by George Davies launched at Pure London, marking a return to the UK for Davies. The brand, which is an abbreviation of Davies’ full name, has two successful years under its belt as a fashion brand trading in the Middle East and specialising in womenswear and childrenswear.

GWD by George Davies Successful sales and worldwide demand has prompted the decision to bring GWD to the UK market, with a fresh and edited range for the British customer. Davies is credited for paving the way for many brands to flourish by changing the retail landscape with the launch of groundbreaking brand Next, followed by George at ASDA and PER UNA at Marks & Spencer.

During the 2020 pandemic Davies saw an opportunity and GWD was born. Following an impressive first year for womenswear, GWD Kids was developed. Both GWD and GWD Kids remain separate yet are frequently synergised through mini-me styles and joint marketing endeavours.

GWD Director Clare Holmes says, "Travelling around the world has been key to the success of George's brands, both in terms of sourcing manufacturers and design inspiration. Spending time in European countries, particularly Italy, combines his passion for travel and adoration of fashion. George immerses himself in fashion houses and the retail environment, to forecast upcoming trends which we know will suit the GWD Woman most favourably. He works closely with his team of designers to gather all inspiration and produce the best collections for our customer. One of his key sayings is 'Retail is Detail'. This also applies when we're creating the collections, it's the small details in the garments that continue to excite us and make a difference."

The GWD collection follows Davies signature mix of occasionwear and smart-casual attire.

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