J&Josh has launched a range of clothing

young boy in summer clothes with hat and glasses on Luxury children's clothing brand J&Josh has launched a range of clothing for boys aged 2-8 years.

Inspired by the best elements of classic French and Italian design, the 'made to play' collection has been crafted by specialist European manufacturers and textile producers with sustainability and ethical credentials, from the finest natural and sustainable fabrics, with a premium planet-friendly, hand-medown quality.

Bridging the gap in the availability of quality, elegant clothing for children that is also more affordable and capable of standing the test of time, Swiss French designer and J&Josh Founder and Creative Director, Dayle Fattal, sought to bring beautiful and rugged creations to boys like her own two sons Jonathan and Joshua, AKA 'J' and 'Josh', the inspiration behind the brand.

The company was born of Dayle's personal experience of shopping for her children and the challenges that it entailed in finding beautiful clothes that would be durable enough to be enjoyed and passed between siblings and cousins.


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