Who is driving the new economy cultural and social shifts?

model in patterned clothes with blue overcoat Driving sustainability and ethical rise of emerging companies such as Pippica, zblocks, Oritain,The Natural Fibre Company, who are spearheading the transition towards ethical practices in the new economy.

These companies recognise the importance of integrating ethical protocols into everyday business and are shaping the future of their respective industries.

As a fashion start-up, Pippica distinguishes itself by placing a strong emphasis on transparency and ethical practices throughout its supply chain. Through strategic collaborations with trusted partners such as The Natural Fibre Company and Royal Duchy Estate, Pippica embraces bio- circular approach to fashion. This particular source of wool operates within the principles of the bio-circular economy, where resources are carefully managed and regenerated. This approach ensures that the utilization of wool aligns with the principles of environmental conservation and resource efficiency.

Oritain another pioneering partner, has taken sustainability to new heights by focusing on verifying product authenticity and traceability. Through their innovative scientific methods, Oritain can determine the geographical origin of various materials and products, ensuring ethical sourcing and eliminating the risk of green washing and product contamination.

The emergence of these new economy companies, with their unwavering dedication to ethical practices, marks a significant shift in business models across industries. Additionally, zblocks can provide customers with detailed information about the products they purchase through the transparency offered by blockchain. Each item can be assigned a unique identifier or digital token that is stored on the blockchain. This allows consumers to track the entire lifecycle of a product, from creation to distribution and even resale. They can access information about the materials used, manufacturing processes, and the authenticity of the item.

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