New collection from JPLUS

model in leather jacket and dark glasses The new JPLUS collection starts from the street - in the sense of a reference point and reflection of today's society - to observe the everyday life in constant evolution; from style choices for the working day to more relaxed choices for a fun and informal evening. A continuous becoming with respect to the 'LIBRE' polyhedricity of genres, styles, choices, approaches that each individual decides to adopt with respect to the environment and situations that surround him or her.

This is the inspiration of JPLUS, which presents a collection expressing a mix of these moods recoded to give the product a light but profound awareness without definitions, totally free to express one's personality to the full.

With this spirit freed from any logic, the volumes are now oversize or romantically vintage, like the optical Ruth, Mia and Meg and the sunglasses Fortune and Diamond, now more severe with essential and minimal lines, often with a strong focus on the '90s, a period of great carefreeness and happy unawareness, like the Tania or Keira models.

Colours range from rigorous blacks and havana to brighter vintage havana and unusual combinations such as red with powder and beige, tortoiseshell with yellow and olive green, havana-purple with turquoise and crystal violet.

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