Source Fashion launches transparency report with insider trends

Europe’s fastest-growing sourcing show, Source Fashion, has announced its trend partnership with retail trends consultancy Insider Trends, and launches a Transparency Report and webinar exploring what transparency and accountability really looks like in retail.

Source Fashion trade show Exploring whether retail can ever truly consider itself sustainable when it's all about the sale of new things; how even resale, repairs, and rental have an environmental impact and are treated as add-ons for businesses who make money selling new products; and a move away from terms like 'sustainable', the Transparency Report outlines how fashion and retail can move forward.

Suzanne Ellingham, Director of Sourcing, Source Fashion says; "We're delighted to continue our partnership with Insider Trends. Delivering meaningful, no-nonsense insights on the future of retail all backed by solid data, means we can transfer that knowledge to our audience. The Transparency Report is hugely valuable for all stakeholders – transparency and accountability start with retailers and brands being honest with themselves."

Source Fashion has also partnered with independent economics research consultancy Retail Economics to deliver year-round retail trends and insights.

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