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Clockwork Soldier is proudly marching forward to present a unique range of gifts, games and curiosities for children inspired by nostalgic British culture.

Our Little London Pocket Passport, Create your own Picture Postcards, London Landmarks flick golf are bang on trend for the Coming Olympic and Jubilee year.

Our new Patchwork Princess range brings together a collection of unique products that have been created for today's homemade and back to basics culture. The entire range is beautifully packaged in a nostalgic patchwork design and will appeal to little girls everywhere.


Categories: Children's products/games, Christmas products, Craft products, Design-led gifts, General giftware


Children's products/games

London Games

Pocket Passport
Welcome to London! Enjoy lots of fun and games as you journey around London completing exciting activities and stamping your Passport as you go.

Place passport stamps in the squares provided. Complete the activities in each section or visit the landmark to earn a stamp in your passport.

Little London Landmarks Golf
A gift that will keep kids happy. Create your own tabletop flick golf course and after shooting 9 holes, you can build a completely new course. Use your imagination and the sites of London to create the ultimate flick golf course.


Christmas products

Matchbox Marvels

Nursery Rhyme Theatre
Curtains up! Budding performers can create their very first show. Based on three classic British nursery rhymes; Humpty Dumpty, the Grand Old Duke of York, and Little Miss Muffet.

Rocking Horse Racers
You're under starters orders for this exciting rocking horse racing game. Create your own 3D rocking horse, and jockey, name them and enter it into the Rocking Horse Grand National.

Princess Fashion Show
You shall go to the ball! Be the first to dress your princess for the fashion ball. Each player must race to be the first to collect all six items of clothing.

Knock Down Soldiers
Each side sets up their army and then takes it in turns to flick cannon balls at each other, scoring points for what ever has been knocked down. The winner is the player who has scored the most points at the end of the game.


Craft products

Cup Cakes and cookie dough

Bake your own yummy cakes and treats. Little Bakers
will love this easy to use baking and activity book.

Baking is fun! In this book are a collection of favourite
recipes, and like any good recipe, these have been passed on from friends and family - even grandma has passed
on one of her secret recipes. Once each recipe has been
baked, the little baker can stick the relevent sticker onto
the book as a reward.

Cup Cakes and Cookie Dough is full of games and
activities. Once baking is over the kids can sit quietly
with the book and give Mum a well deserved rest.

Baking is not just fun it can be educational too. Young
Bakers will learn about weights and measures, using
different ingredients, and the cooking process. All
through the book, the little bakers will be challenged
to use their senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste

24 page activity book and 1 X sticker sheet

Build a Rocket
The ultimate space sticker activity set.

Load up the Rocket Ship and take a
voyage of discovery around your living
room and beyond

3 x Space Ship Pieces
1 x Sticker Sheets
1 X paper launchpad sheet

The Amazing Build-a-Bots
Build your own Robot and then take it apart and
build a new one out of the 36 different Robot parts.

Create your own Build-a-Bot with this easy to use
cardboard construction kit. Build the ultimate Robot
and then give him a Build-a-Bot upgrade, or pose
him in different positions

The fun really starts when the Build-a-Bots are linked
together, or use your imagination and all the parts to
create one giant Build-a-Bot!

36 X Robot Parts which make three completely different Build-a-Bots


Design-led gifts

Childrens Design led Gifts

Create your own Picture Postcards
Design your own postcards of London scenes or create messages using these fun postcards and stickers. The only limit is your imagination.

Create your own fun postcard designs with this fun and easy to use craft kit. Simply choose and add the stickers to each postcard to create your own unique designs.

The Robot Factory
Enter the Robot factory and design the ultimate robot,
then give him an upgrade with this misfits style
colouring activity book.

Show everyone what a whiz kid you are by creating
your own Robot to help around the house. You?ll have
light years of fun creating and colouring your amazing
robots. With so many parts to choose from, you?ll never
be without a new Robot friend.

1 x 15 page colouring book
Felt tip pens not included

A Passion for Fashion
You?ll be pretty as a picture when you design your own party
dress using this mis-fits style activity colouring book.

Help the Patchwork Princess be the Belle of the Ball by creating
the perfect party dress. Try out different styles and trends, mix
and match your outfits but, above all, remember to accessorize!

A Passion for Fashion is perfect for any budding fashion desiger

15 page ringbound colouring book


General giftware

Childrens Puzzles

Princess Puzzle
A charming 24 piece Princess
Flower Garden Puzzle

Take a look into the flower garden and help Princess Sofia catch
some butterflies with this charming 24 piece Princess Puzzle.
Puzzle dimensions when complete are 305 mm X 228 mm

1 x 24 piece puzzle

Robot Puzzle
A 24 Piece Robot Puzzle

Take a trip to the moon and help build
bobo the robot and complete this retro
style robot puzzle.

24 X piece Puzzle