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Here is a selection of features from Attire Accessories magazine.

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Hand in hand

Jewelcity’s Marketing Manager, Victoria Ross explains how the company’s understanding of changing fashion trends and varied selection of accessories collections has allowed the business to grow alongside its customers... read more


Formative years

Designer Melissa Curry reveals how her love of colour, form and texture has helped her develop a luxury jewellery brand with a strong and enduring identity... read more


Under the skin

Mala Leather’s Janette Faulkner talks about the difficulties of launching a company at the start of the recession, and how the leather goods brand combined quality, experience and customer service to succeed against the odds... read more


Second to none

Designer Kate Hamilton-Hunter tells all about how her textile background and commitment to recycling has resulted in a very distinctive style of silver jewellery... read more


Hi ho silver lining

Jewellery designer, Lucy Quartermaine explains how she has always designed from the heart, from her early student gems to the shimmering show-stoppers in the current LucyQ collection... read more


Up, up and away

RedDog founder, Marianne Sparrenius-Waters, reveals the growing travel accessories brand's plans, from developing British production methods to gaining a foothold in the market... read more


Loch leather

Mairi Clayton, founder and designer at PellMell, explains how quirky, patriotic prints and an ethos of value and customer service have helped secure the bag label's success... read more


Back to the future

Priscilla Chase, UK Director of The Healthy Back Bag, tells us all about the brand’s original concept, celebrity fans and plans for world domination... read more


Chain reaction

Stephen Thurlow, of family jewellery business, Alexander Thurlow & Co, tells us about the company history and why things are now coming full circle... read more


Silver linings

Rachel Parkin, The Balagan Group's owner and Creative Director, talks us through the jewellery company's growth from Peterborough market stall to a wholesaler supplying 10 diverse collections... read more

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