Here is a selection of features from Attire Accessories magazine.


Under the leather

Chris Reed of Blousey Brown discusses the competitive handbag industry, the brand’s accessible prices and the importance of customer feedback ... read more


On our watch

O.W.L Watches’ UK Sales Manager Charlie Gumley discusses how the brand found a gap in the jewellery and accessories market for a British, heritage-inspired watch label with a strong fashion identity... read more


Face values

Timesource's Creative Director Jo Banner explains how the brand's quintessentially British approach to quality, design and pricing has ensured its strong foothold in both timepiece and handbag markets ... read more


Nordic star

Edblad founder and designer Catherine Edblad discusses the Swedish label’s distinctive take on Scandinavian style, the popularity of its jewellery line and charitable initiatives... read more


It's a small world after all

Charlotte Prenelle, co-founder of Pranella, reveals how she and her mother’s shared love of travel inspired them to start a family business that would sell across the globe... read more


Faux business

Helen Moore, co-founder of the eponymous faux fur label, tells all about the family-run company’s gradual progression from hot-water bottle covers to the fashion forefront... read more


Mixing it up

Justin Rhodes, founder of belt label Elliot Rhodes explains how its original interchangeable buckle-and-strap concept has led to a thriving retail and wholesale accessories business... read more


Hop to it

Larysa Fedyszyn, Kangol’s Brand Account Manager explains how the company’s rich cultural history, quality designs and classic designs help to ensure its enduring appeal
... read more


Full to the brim

Jos Verhoeven reveals how family has been both the inspiration and driving force behind ID Hats’ success... read more


In its element

Gecko Jewellery’s Co-Head of Design, Hannah Trickett tells us the story behind the wholesale label’s 25 years of growth in the accessories industry... read more

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