Comfort is the new luxury

Comfort is the new luxury

SS18 sees a brand new collection of Healthy Back Bags featuring hot Caribbean brights, rich neutrals in graduated shades of terracotta, white, grey and beige and electric hi-tech pastels.

Beauty and balance are at the core of The Healthy Back Bag brand and all our bags are designed to look good and feel good.

Healthy Back Bags are a teardrop-shaped design which contours to your back and they are packed with intelligent pocketing which spreads the weight of the contents inside making them super comfortable to wear, perfectly balanced and great for active lifestyles.

SS18 Collection
Working towards a new duality, this season's overarching message finds colour tones and materials becoming even more versatile, working seamlessly across categories, and genders. The Healthy Back Bag announces three themes to its SS18 Collection.

Hot Tropics

Decoration, magic, mystery, adventure and paradise weave their way across this theme. Psychotropical colours rule in this high energy collection where brights are playful and nature takes on a futuristic role. There is a focus on digitally remastered print and pattern using strong high impact colours. Orange emerges as a bold staple and Pink is re-positioned from a fashion highlight to core colour while dazzling Blue rounds out the Caribbean trio. SS18 New Colours: Microfibre Mosaic Blue, Paradise Pink, Tangerine, Textured Nylon Pistachio, Reversible-Mosaic Blue.

Industrial Evolution
This theme represents a mix of industrial and natural and takes us from winter to the warmer days of spring. With inspiration drawn from rusty metals and sun-baked surfaces, rich neutrals are represented through graduated shades of white, shades of grey and beige dictate the colour palette while raw denim and nubby linen stand out as key textural elements.
SS18 New Colours: Microfibre: Evergreen, Cranberry, Textured Nylon: Pebble Grey, Stonewash.

With an underlying bohemian spirit, this eclectic range offers a fizzy alternative to the neons of seasons past with luminous, hi-tech pastels representing a futuristic blend of physical and digital. With a focus on intense, electric colour, this theme is influenced by athleisure where fluid, oil effects, iridescent shades and 3D effects create an opportunity to mix, match and mismatch pale pastels with black and white.
SS18 New Colours: Microfibre: Pale Orchid, Reversible: Aqua, Large Bagletts- Light Blue, Pale Orchid, Sunlight.

HBB's are available in over 27 countries worldwide. They come in a range of colours and fabrics and retail between £18-£159. For further information please contact Clare Elson at

Posted: 9 February 2018

Rodney Holman
Primary Sport Management Ltd
Rodney Holman
Primary Sport Management Ltd